Gone Bikin' 14: The Final Chapter

14th December 2017

That's it, we've done it. The bikes have been sold. Put out or jim jams mum, we're coming home!

Its been an absolute rollercoaster of a trip, the greatest 5 months of our lives. Its hard to describe in words just how amazing its been, so here are some trip numbers for you.

- 29515km travelled
- 17 countries
- 156 days travelling
- 106 days on the motorbike
- 72 nights camping
- 2 homestays
- 4 bikes
- 15 falls (Dave 8, Fred 7)
- 1 crash (Dave!)
- 3 speeding fines (Fred 2, Dave 1)
- 5 punctures
- 7 breakdowns
- 2 idiots
- 1 pair of bootcut jeans

Have we learned anything of great value on this trip? Its hard to put a finger on it if so. Regardless, the whole aim of this trip was to have the biggest adventure possible. And we certainly achieved that. Whether it was camping with cows in Switzerland, getting stuck in sand in a desert in Kazakshtan, towing bikes across mountains in Tajikistan, or falling in the snow in China - our trip has been characterised by a series of crazy little adventures that we never expected.

We hope you've enjoyed following us, if you're interested in doing something like this our best advice is to just do it! These are some of the last of our photos from the past week. We have one more GoPro video to come. Otherwise, you'll not be hearing from the Gone Bikin' Crew again. Or will you?