About Me

Motorbiking, Travelling, and Photography are my three main passions in life, and I'm most happy when I've managed to combine all three.

I was born in Scotland and spent much of my young life learning to love the outdoors in the countryside of the Scottish Borders, and on the Isle of Mull on the West Coast. Now that I'm 25 and living in London building my career (Head of Growth @ avahire.io), I strive as much as possible to get myself out of the city and into the wilderness where I'm most happy.

I first rode a motorbike when I was 18, and was immediately taken with it. Since then I've ridden the length of Vietnam, through the Himalayas, around Morocco, and in Scotland all on separate trips. in 2017, my friend Dave and I rode our bikes from London to Funing in Southern China, accumulating over 30,000 km in 6 months. This was when I started writing articles for Adventure Bike Rider magazine, and began to take my photography a bit more seriously.

If you would like to discuss a commission or the use of my work, please approach me through the contact form below.

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